Research InitiativeshAIRe - scientific & health data assets in respiratory research, an initiative spearheaded by the Canadian Respiratory Research Network that aims to link and strengthen existing data infrastructures relevant to respiratory research to support CRRN’s mission to Empower collaborative respiratory health research across Canada


Research Platforms:

The CRRN is a national network of investigators and research platforms focused on enabling innovative, collaborative, respiratory health research that influences decision making and ensures high quality training and career development of a new generation of investigators. We have 12 active research platforms that work in a coordinated fashion in order to improve understanding of the origins and progression of chronic airway diseases in Canada.

Physiology Research PlatformAirway Imaging Research PlatformBiomarkers Research PlatformAir Pollution Exposure Research PlatformBasic Science and Discovery Research PlatformHealth Economics Research PlatformHealth Services Research PlatformPharmaco-Epidemiology Research PlatformPopulation Health Research PlatformEnvironmental Health Research PlatformCanCOLD Cohort Research PlatformBehavioural Science Research Platform