CRRN Fellowship and Studentship Competition
Results for 2021/2022

Studentship Recipients

- Tina Afshar - Lung health benefits of e-cigarette cessation (VAPE) (supervisor Dr. C. Carlsten)

- Sophie Collins - Understanding the impact of pulmonary vascular dysfunction on exercise tolerance and dyspnea across the continuum of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (supervisor Dr. M. Stickland)

- Ramandeep Kaur - The role of hydroxyeicosatetraenoic acids in modulating human airway smooth muscle cells physiology (supervisor Dr. C. Pascoe)

- Tae Yoon Lee - Projecting the outcomes of early interventions for asthma: data-driven and modeling studies (supervisor Dr. M. Sadatsafavi)

- Jigneshkumar Vaghasiya - Oxidized phosphatidylcholines are unique drivers of asthma pathobiology (supervisor Dr. A. Halayko)

- Sukhraj Virdee - Developing novel geostatistical computed tomography imaging biomarkers to quantify emphysema in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (supervisor Dr. M. Kirby)

Fellowship Recipients

- Dr. Alina Blazer - Quantifying the burden of and assessing risk factors for non-smoking-related chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in Ontario (supervisor Dr. A Gershon)

- Dr. Yuanyao Chen - IgA phenotype in asthma: link to the infant gut microbiome (supervisor Dr. A. Kozyrskyj)

- Dr. Mayron Oliveira - The combined effect of cannabis and tobacco smoking on cardiopulmonary exercise test outcomes in a population-based sample of Canadian adults aged 40 years and older (supervisor Dr. D Jensen)

- Dr. Wallace Wee - Utilizing hyperpolarized 129Xe magnetic resonance imaging in children with primary ciliary dyskinesia (PCD MRI) (supervisor Dr. S. Dell)

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The Canadian Respiratory Research Network
Long COVID-19 Study

The New York Times suggested that lingering symptoms from COVID-19 may turn out to be one of the largest mass disabling events in modern history. There are well over a million Canadians infected with COVID-19. Even mild lung disease could have enormous health and economic consequences. Preliminary studies suggest that COVID-19 causes long-term lung damage, even in young, otherwise healthy people who did not require hospitalization.

We are a group of respiratory researchers, patients, health care workers, non-profit groups and others who want to know how common long-term lung damage is after COVID-19 is and how it affects people.

We are studying people with COVID-19 from across Canada—some who needed hospitalization but most who did not. Through questionnaires and breathing tests, we are assessing their lung health.

The information we learn about the effect of COVID-19 on the lungs will help patients and health care providers manage it better. It may also reveal how different COVID-19 variants affect the lungs. We plan to use this new knowledge to write a guide on what respiratory monitoring and testing should be done after COVID-19 infection. This will help people affected by COVID-19 get the care they need. This will also help prevent unnecessary testing that places extra strain on the health care system.

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PI: Dr. Andrea Gershon, Dr. Shawn D Aaron, Dr. Samir Gupta, Dr. P. Camp, Dr. Kim Lavoie, Dr. Janice Leung, Dr. Don Sin, Dr. Teresa To, Dr. Mike Stickland

Co-I: Dr. M. Ainslie, Dr. M. Albert, Dr. S. Bacon, Dr. L. Boulet, Dr. C. Carlsten, Dr. A. Chan, Docteur A. Cote, Dr. R. Eddy, Prof. G. Ferrara, Prof. J. Fitzgerald, Dr. J. Guenette, Dr. A. Halayko, Dr. P. Hernandez, Dr. D. Jensen, Dr. T. Kendzerska, Dr. M. Kirby, Dr. M. Kolb, Dr. G. Lam, Dr. C. Lemiere, Dr. M. Lougheed, Dr. G. Maksym, Docteur F. Maltais, Dr. D. Marciniuk, Prof. I. Mayers, Dr. R. McIvor , Prof. J. Neder Serafini, Dr. D. O'Donnell, Dr. S. Pakhale, Dr. G. Parraga, Dr. E. Penz, Dr. A. Ravandi, Dr. J. Rayment, Dr. C. Ryerson, Dr. M. Sadatsafavi, Dr. G. Santyr, Dr. M. Smith, Dr. S. Svenningsen, Dr. W. Tan, Dr. J. Weatherald, Dr. A. Wong, Prof. J. de Torres, Dr. Manali Mukerjee, Dr. Clare Ramsey, Dr. Tanweer Azher, Dr. Chris Licskai, Mrs. A. Van Dam (Knowledge User, Canadian Thoracic Society)