shAIRe- scientific & health data assets in respiratory research

shAIRe is an initiative spearheaded by the Canadian Respiratory Research Network that aims to link and strengthen existing data infrastructures relevant to respiratory research to support CRRN’s mission to Empower collaborative respiratory health research across Canada

Overarching goals:

  • Develop an integrated pan-Canadian multidimensional data collection and sharing platform that supports respiratory research across the lifespan
  • Sustain a network of scientists across multiple disciplines that can be readily mobilised to exploit the data infrastructure
  • Provide training to HQP and participating members to develop skills sets in the analysis of multidimensional data


Secondary objectives:


  • Create a pan-Canadian registry of participants to support respiratory research and clinical trials in Canada
  • Support national and international collaborations
  • Build partnerships with the industry
  • Invest in interoperable technologies/IT solutions
  • Share tools and knowledge to analyze/exploit multidimensional data:
    • Visualization platform
    • Suite of analytical tools available for the uninitiated
  • Optimize data sharing agreements across jurisdiction
  • Share resources to support data collection across Canada and across disciplines