CRRN PRactical Education Program (PREP)

CRRN PREP is a training and mentoring program that is designed to enhance and complement the training and mentoring provided locally for CRRN PhD students, Post-Doctoral Fellows, and New Investigators. 
Module Format: A mixture of online, web-based or in person sessions

Take a minimum of 6 modules during your training.
Discuss with your mentor which modules would benefit you the most. There is no strict requirement, you can customize your own program.

  Scholarship Leadership Communicator
Recommendation  At least one module from the list PhD scholars select ≥ 1, PDFs select ≥ 2 and Early Investigator ≥ 3 from the list PhD scholars select ≥ 4, PDFs select ≥ 3 and Early Investigator ≥ 2 from the list
  • Research Evaluation and Integrity
  • Research Design and Analytical Methods
  • Tools of Research
  • Leadership Development and Capacity Building
  • Establishing a Successful Lab (wet or dry) and Team
  • Networking and Collaboration
  • The Art of Teaching and Mentoring
  • Knowledge Translation Known-How (Developing a KT Plan)
  • Management Training
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Grant and Manuscript Writing
  • Industry Partnerships & Commercialization
  • Networking and Collaboration
  • Job Search, Interview and Negotiation

Modules Currently Available:


Research Design and Analytical Methods


Effective Communications