Dr Marla Beauchamp

2016 CRRN ERLI Recipient


Assistant Professor

School of Rehabilitation Science, McMaster University

Website: http://srs-mcmaster.ca/staff/marla-beauchamp/

Twitter: @marlabeauchamp

Improving outcomes in the identification and management of fall risk in people with COPD.

Studies have clearly shown that people with chronic obstructive lung disease (COPD) have problems with their balance compared to their peers. These balance problems along with several other risk factors contributes to a high risk of falling in people with COPD. The risk of falling in people with COPD was up to 5 times higher than in the general elderly and can lead to injury, hospitalisation and even death. They can also decrease quality of life and cause a high fear of falling. Recently published guidelines from international respiratory organizations have recommended balance testing for people with COPD. But no specific tests are recommended and we still do not know which tests can predict falls and help identify people who need preventative treatment.

Why is the research program important?

My research will identify the best balance test to use for fall risk screening in people with COPD. I will also study the measurement abilities of the balance test so that results can be easily interpreted. This information is important so that we can design programs to identify and treat people with COPD who are likely to fall.

What was the result of the research and what impact will it have?

This research will help us identify people with COPD who have a high risk of falling and allow us to offer treatment to prevent falls in people with COPD who are most likely to fall. Given the considerable negative consequences of falls, preventing falls will ultimately allow us to improve the health and well-being of people with COPD.


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